Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Almost Obsessed?

Fabulous Scanlan & Theodore Dresses
So I went to a wedding on the weekend and it's fair to say I am almost obsessed with weddings. Now let me explain..... of course I love the romance, the dress, the flowers, the food, the slow dancing (you don't get to slow dance often enough in this modern world) but what I, selfishly, love most is a damn good excuse to dress up! I adore dresses and apart from the races, there seems to be less and less call to wear your hottest dress (read - not hooker dress). I go mad for a great dress, Scanlan & Theodore are one of my biggest weaknesses. I would love to wear a fancy pants dress once a week please but there is just no cause to do it. I spend so much cash on my frocks and they seem to hang out in my wardrobe more than they hang off me. Is it wrong/misguided that I am so excited by an excuse to dress up (not to mention give my highest heels a workout)? I long for the days of old where you wore your greatest finery to the local shops....currently I head to the shops in my neon pink J Brand jeans and my staple white T by Alexander Wang, not that I don't love them, don't get me wrong, BUT I love dressing up more! 
So hurry up and get married please!

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