Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Too Fashion Foward?

Is there such a thing?
My boyfriend has always said I catch on to trends too quickly (not sure the true fashionistas would agree with his kind accolade) which is not meant to be the compliment I take it as.
Is it possible that you can get in too early and end up looking like (gasp!) a fool to the rest of the population? 
Let me explain....
Bold Floral Blazer from
A few months ago I jumped on the bold, fabulous, floral blazer trend. Yay, totally loved it, made me feel super cool, on trend and fun......until the little old lady down the street stopped me to tell me how much she liked my jacket! Certainly the reaction I was after but not quite the generation I was looking to attract! I know for sure floral, bold blazers were in sometime ago but its not a tribute I was making but rather a reinvention, at least that's what I thought. Is being 'fashionable' getting strange stares from most of the general public or getting a nod from the chick that works at Vogue? Perhaps being fashion forward is actually anti-fashionable? I guess it all comes back to that old adage about making yourself happy! 
Not one to be easily deterred I am out today in my pastel mint green jeans and my new pale pink lace embroidery top, hoping I don't get mistaken for fairy floss!
Yum! Fairy floss

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  1. ajjajaj love the post! and yes sometimes you can look weird .. oh well nothing to do about :)