Saturday, 24 March 2012

Slow to catch the 'Anouk' trend...

Tom Ford Anouk Sunglasses

Ok so I totally know that the Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses are from at least 50 fashion years ago but cats eye sunglasses are back with a vengeance this season and I cant seem to find a better looking pair than the Anouk's. I have been trawling the net to try and find myself a pair for the last few weeks, day and night (I know it appears I have a lot of time on my hands, I don't I am just dedicated/obsessed!) I cannot find a pair anywhere! Boo hiss. 
Sooooo I have given in and bought the closest/next best sunglasses I can find. 
Chantal - House of Harlow 1960 in tortoise shell. Very cute and a fraction of the price of the Tommies. BUT as much as I love Nicole Ritchie I am yet to trial any of her wares. Fingers crossed (still pastel peach coloured fingers!) they are fabulous! Will keep you posted when they arrive from 
Chantal House of Harlow 1960 cats eye sunglasses in tortoise

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  1. Ok turns out the House of Harlow sunglasses were just not quite right so they got sent back to Shopbop. The great news is I found a pair of Anouk's by Tom Ford on ebay!!! Hurrah, dream realised.