Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sweatpants the new Botox?

Slim fit sweatpants from
I confess....... I wore sweatpants to a pub! (AND a pair not even as sexy as the one's pictured, well if I'm really honest, not even close!)
I know, I know, I should be ashamed, I shouldn't be  blogging about it that's for sure BUT something very interesting happened. 
I got asked for ID. Yep that's right. I haven't been asked for ID in..... (well lets not give too much away here!) .....lets just say its been ages! Sans make-up, with sweatpants and a sweater on I got asked for ID! Am I to assume that all that time spent putting on make-up and nice clothes only makes you look....gasp....older! WTF? I don't understand? I will just have to assume it was a glitch in the matrix and all the effort I usually put in to looking glam is really worth it and not just aging!