Sunday, 2 December 2012

Zara - Bots

I was recently lucky enough to travel the world on a really big shopping trip (yep even I was jealous of myself....although now I am back it feels as though I never went anywhere and the only clue to my worldwide shopping spree is my credit card debt! Oh and some really fabulous clothes, but that's a whole other blog!). The reason I am telling you (bragging) about my trip is because I came home and realised that although I love Zara and Topshop (almost more than my Nan.....I said almost) I was so disappointed that every city in the world I traveled to, had a giant store on every corner and Europe was pumping with Zara-bots and Topshop chicks! It used to be a treat to travel to Spain and get the latest rags from Zara or lose a few hours in Topshop on Oxford Street but now it seems the world is being over run with all the same stores. Don't get me wrong I was the first to queue for 5 hours to rush into Zara when it first opened in my hometown and I love/adore/obsess over some of the amazing things in store but when you travel half way around the world only to turn up to a Parisian party wearing the same dress as someone else there (true story! Horror, shock etc) it starts to get a bit "small world after all". 
I guess the economic down turn (yawn) is to blame for all the small indie boutiques closing down and the chains taking over but what is a girl to do? ........Shop at H&M and Massimo Dutti while you still can and they haven't opened there doors down-under yet! Oh and an exclusive collection never goes astray either, if you're listening Zara.

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