Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Winter Blues

It is officially winter (confirmed by the gale force winds and constant rain!) and all I can manage to wear (without freezing to death!) is a sweater! Boring.
Don't get me wrong I am extremely thankful that you can at least wear a statement necklace over a sweater to create some interest this season and I have long been a fan of the knotted, belted sweater look but that is seriously where it ends for the creativity I can muster up for a sweater. Ok so you can add a scarf. But that is seriously where it ends!
Help! Bring back summer asap! I am in a sartorial slump.
Olivia Palermo rockin the sweater+necklace!
Acne Ruth Sweater in Desert
Mawi Sunray Tube Necklace

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