Thursday, 17 May 2012

If I won the lotto...

This week I dreamed I won the lotto. Turns out my dream didn't come true (surprise surprise!) but it got me thinking..... what would I buy if I could buy anything I wanted? I actually got really stuck.... for a second.
I am so used to searching for the best online deal I can get for a new Chloe handbag,
Chloe Janet bag
finding the perfect off runway look on for 20% off today only, hunting through racks at the local charity shop praying for a vintage Chanel! 
Vintage Chanel dress
So when I thought about money no longer being an option I wondered how I would shop? I would have to learn a whole new way of looking at things. I would be able to choose things based on simply what I loved the most, not what was on sale/flawed/discounted/old!
How strange that would be. Would I fill my new wardrobe with investment pieces or would I recklessly buy fast fashion? I guess I won't truly know until I win the lotto (trying out some positive thinking!) but I think it would be a really big adjustment.......... yes a really big fabulous adjustment! I can't wait!! (more positive thinking, don't judge me, haven't you read The Secret! Sorry I know that was soooo 2009).

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